Employee search and selection
Employee evaluation


The consultancy company Preilė provides the services of testing and evaluation of an organization’s employees as well as candidates.

This service aims to assist our clients in choosing the personnel corresponding to the professional and psychological standards of an organisation, determine the strong and week sides of employees and candidates, optimise the executive-subordinate relations, come up with the most suitable employee motivation and control means, build a team, ascertain training needs, prepare employee career plans and form the employee reserve, resolve conflict situations, and formulate position requirements.

Evaluation methods:

  • interview;
  • psychological tests, questionnaires: general ability, special skills, intellect, personality, special personnel selection and evaluation tests;
  • practical tasks;
  • reference collection.

Employee or candidate evaluation is performed using individual methods or a whole group of methods.

For every individual case, with respect to an organisation’s objectives, Preilė’s consultants draw up a special evaluation program, which addresses specific targets of an organisation.

We are always eager to discuss your requirements with you and present the employee evaluation service in more detail.

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