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Companies, trying to maintain their positions in a dynamic market, are looking for the best specialists. The way they search for an employee depends on the general personnel strategy, assigned financial resources, the position in question, and on whether or not the company has a personnel specialist.

Very often, a company spends a lot of money and time, suffers from information leakage, yet the desired result is not achieved.

The search and selection of executives and qualified employees is Preilė’s central service, which aims to help clients build a team of competent and motivated employees.

We perform a professional employee search and selection that encompasses company and workplace analysis, the establishment of the main selection criteria, the choice of search and selection methods, candidate assessment, and consulting on employee selection and the adaptation of a new employee within a company.

We have mastered and employ a variety of search and evaluation methods.

Evaluation methods:

  • application forms;
  • interview;
  • psychological tests, questionnaires;
  • practical tasks;
  • reference collection and analysis.

Search methods:

Candidate selection from the data bank

Since the beginning of its activities Preilë has been building a data bank of executives and qualified specialists. The building of the data bank is a purposeful process, in the course of which candidates are thoroughly assessed and their needs are determined.

Attracting candidates by means of external advertising in the press and on the Internet

In an attempt to make full use of labour market opportunities and attract motivated candidates, we search for candidates with the help of advertising:

  • we recommend publications, prepare a purposeful and interesting text and design of the advertisement, and perform all work related to putting an advertisement in a press publication.
  • we announce competitions for vacancies on Preilë’s web page and other employment seeking systems.

Direct candidate search/Head-hunting

We are well-acquainted with the situation in the Lithuanian labour market, have valuable personal contacts in the business and academic communities and associations, accumulate and analyse information about specialists in a variety of fields.

Preilë’s consultants themselves are actively exploring the labour market and attracting the employees your company needs. We conduct the direct search according to an established procedure which guarantees confidentiality to both parties.

Be active and take part in head-hunting! You have a chance to recommend a good specialist or executive.

Complex employee search and selection

We offer our clients a complex search, which includes several or all of the search methods. This selection helps us attract the most suitable candidates.

We are always eager to discuss your requirements with you and present the employee search and selection service in more detail.

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